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Eredicane ( )

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  • One Month Supply One 30-count Bottle $49.95
  • Two Month Supply Two 30-count Bottles $89.90 Save $10
  • Four Month Supply Four 30-count Bottles $159.80 Save $40
  • Six Month Supply Six 30-count Bottles $209.70 Save $90

Eredicane helps you reduce facial blushing or erythrophobia (fear of blushing), which is a sudden reddening of the face that occurs spontaneously or in response to stressful stimuli. Facial blushing can extend to the neck, forehead, ears and the upper chest.

Proprietary Blend: Eredicane, GABA, Magnesium, Passion Flower, Valerian, Vitamin B6, Glycine, Glutamine, Primula Officinalis, Taurine