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Get Relief from Rosacea

Eredicane helps reduce several symptoms associated with rosacea: blushing, flushing, and hypersensitivity that causes redness with relatively mild contact, such as washing or applying cosmetics. Some Eredicane customers even report relief from the long-term, patchy redness that affects many rosacea sufferers.

Rosacea is extremely common, affecting over 45 million people worldwide and over 14 million Americans. It affects three times as many women as men, and sufferers typically begin to experience symptoms after age 30. Although rosacea is found in people of all ethnicities, it primarily affects people of Northwestern European origin. Your actions do not cause your rosacea symptoms...and your inability to control the blushing, flushing, and redness is not your fault.

You may have tried various treatments for rosacea. Some of these may address the long-term symptoms of the condition—yet fail to reduce the blushing, flushing and hypersensitivity that many sufferers experience on a daily basis. But Eredicane can help!


Don't Let Rosacea Hurt Your Social Life!

According to the National Rosacea Society,

In recent surveys [...], more than 76 percent of rosacea patients said their condition had lowered their self-confidence and self-esteem, and 52 percent reported it had caused them to avoid public contact or cancel social engagements. Among rosacea patients with severe symptoms, nearly 70 percent said the disorder had adversely affected their professional interactions, and nearly 30 percent said they had even missed work because of their condition.

Rosacea sufferers are also especially prone to blushing and flushing, unpleasant and embarrassing symptoms in their own right that lead to a crippling fear of blushing in front of others. The more fear and stress you experience, the more you blush, causing you to avoid contact with others even more.Eredicane not only helps reduce blushing itself, it helps you cope with the stress that causes blushing. The less you experience rosacea symptoms, the more confident you become, returning you to full functionality.

Rosacea—a Complex Condition

Rosacea causes a range of symptoms that affect sufferers in widely varying degrees. Although genes appear to play a role in the condition, its ultimate cause is unknown. In addition, there may be multiple causes for the different symptoms. Reliable sources agree that you should see a dermatologist for holistic management of rosacea over the long term, as no permanent cure is available.

The primary cause of the blushing, flushing, and hypersensitivity associated with rosacea is an overactive sympathetic nervous system. According to the International Rosacea Foundation,

Flushing usually occurs when the body becomes fatigued and/or stressed which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. Any activation of these nerves causes vasoconstriction of "body blood vessels"—except in the "facial blush/flush areas" where it induces potent vasodilatation or flushing with the resulting "rosacea flush."

Help is Available for These Unpleasant Symptoms: Eredicane.

Eredicane: Trustworthy Relief from the Blushing and Flushing Associated with Rosacea

Eredicane's proprietary blend contains a variety of fresh and pure ingredients that work together to calm the sympathetic nervous system. In particular, Eredicane's main ingredient, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), helps prevent the brain from sending out the mistaken messages that cause the blushing, flushing, and hypersensitivity associated with rosacea.

Not only do you experience relief from these embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms, but you also defeat your fear of experiencing symptoms around others.You can be yourself again, fully confident.

Other remedies for the blushing and flushing associated with rosacea include drugs with harsh side effects. In contrast, Eredicane works with your body to free you from the stress that causes blushing, flushing, and hypersensitivity.

It's time to reclaim your confidence! Eredicane is the answer to the blushing, flushing, and hypersensitivity associated with rosacea.




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